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Joanne Mumford




I’m an oil painter artist that reflectively analyses and displays natural elements, highlighting the observed extents, differences and less distinguishable.


My paintings are images of natural components, with considerations about the unseen, the innate and the acquired.  I analyse and display reactions and consequences, which often result in visually concentrated representations, in either a raw or a more refined manner. 


Reflecting on my art as it has evolved, I recognise some inextricably linked underlying themes.  Studying prime and definitive states, experiencing exclusion and reward, musing on the emotional and spiritual and an exploration into the unable to grasp and wordless, often became inadvertently cross-referenced.  By creating these statement pieces of art, I’ve found reassurance for myself.  My art is a culmination of considerations, sensitivities and a chain of scenarios and I hope that my images capture and convey an air of relative sensation that has become an important experience for me.


A number of my paintings have been sold to private collectors and having lived in London for many years, I now reside in France.



Solo Exhibition at Pictorem Gallery, Walthamstow, London

August 2016




Solo Exhibition at Threadneedle Street, London

January to May 2013










Solo Exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre BASH

August 2010







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